Our specialities in brief

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The uses for Excel are so vast that no list can be complete.
If your project is missing please contact us, and we will put you in contact with an Excel expert that will be able to help you.

VBA Guru


We’ve been programming with Excel VBA for decades now. Pretty much, if you can think of it we can make it happen, and in many cases we already have.

Excel Macros

Excel Macros

Excel Macros – a set of instructions to perform a particular task that can be performed with limited or no user interaction. Time is money, and using Excel macros is simply better business.

MS Office & Excel Automation

MS office and excel addins

You can use Microsoft Office and Excel Automation, to streamline your business workflow. To do this, you need to understand how the various software platforms communicate with one another.

Dashboards Charts & Graphs

Excel Dashboards charts and graphs

Excel dashboards allow you to analyse, visualise and report your data with ease. They can be interactive, attractive and easy to interrogate. Excel dashboards are an excellent and versatile office tool.

Microsoft Training – Onsite or remote

microsoft training

High quality MS Office training bespoke to your exact requirements.
We provide on-site or remote Microsoft training.

Excel Modelling and Simulation

Modelling and simulation

I think simulation/modelling is one of the most exciting operations that you can do in Excel. I’ve written models the long way and the shorter way, and Excel can be a real time saver.

Web Integration & Ecommerce


web integration and e commerceExcel’s connectivity enables a swift and easy transfer of data between the office and the web. More often than not Excel offers a level of automation not offered by other software. If you know excel this is what you expect. But what few know that excel can shortcut both the front end and back ends of every CMS on the market.

GIS and Mapping Data


GIS and mapping

At Excel Frome we have years of experience, working with all types of data that need maps.

Often we use a GIS, which stands for Geographical Information System. A piece of software that is capable of understanding data and displaying it on a map.

MS Office & Excel Add-Ins

Microsoft office and excel addins

For some of us at Excel Frome, writing Excel Add-Ins for Microsoft Office is a mainstay of our activities.

The ability to extend the abilities of Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. To link them together, and to add new functionality that you may never dream of is inviting and useful.




It is a difficult decision whether to go down the off-the-shelf database or the Excel database route.

In Excel 2010 – 2016, the maximum worksheet size is 1048576 rows by 16384 columns. For a full list of Excel’s specifications and limits click here.

API Connections

api connections

Don’t write code from scratch, don’t reinvent the wheel. Most of the time the solution is already ‘out there’. It will be much cheaper to buy and use ‘off the shelf’ than writing it yourself.

Data Services

data services

The combination of Excel and programming opens huge opportunities for Excel Frome to offer Data Services to our clients.

Our Excel Data Services start from us providing one-time non-repeated tasks to tasks that are to be repeated either manually or form part of a wider automation

Custom Workbooks

custom workbooks

Many of our customers want a custom Excel workbook or worksheet. This is because it can take the labour out of either a complex or repetitive processes, or as part of a larger system.

Bespoke Systems

bespoke systems

Excel is the best tool on the market for building bespoke systems or applications. Using both VBA and macros to deliver high value for a small outlay. This makes an Excel bespoke system both affordable and better.

Accounts & Stock

accounting and stock control

Therefore, it is vitally important for any business to monitor its cash flows and to keep track of, and report on, those activities that affect the cash of a business. Excel accounting was made to do this.

Excel Exist

Its not a system that you have to BUY as such..

We love Excel, and we want you to love it too. It does so much, but sometimes you want to it to do something that you can’t make it do.