Excel Frome Work Practices, Quotations, Terms and Conditions

“Our approach to Excel”

  • You want a local, UK consultant for your Excel project.
  • You want a pair of trustworthy hands or a safe place for a tricky software development problem.
  • When you call us you talk to the boss and the developers themselves not a call centre.
  • Excel is an untapped goldmine for many businesses. A potential powerhouse sitting on your desktop.
  • You are looking for someone who will CARE about your business. Someone who will help you meet your software challenges.
  • You want a team of experienced developers/consultants to join your team. With many years of combined experience at solving analytical problems with Microsoft Office. Also with direct experience in many different areas of business.
  • You want help to create a clear brief, finished to a clear deadline. The whole project transparent and crystal clear.


“The Our Excel Work Mission Statement”

  • We aim to make our clients happy by providing IT services. Make their working life easier. Read more about our values…