Excel Web Integration & Ecommerce

Excel Web Integration – Excel’s ability to connect with the web is massively underutilised.

Excel’s connectivity enables a swift and easy transfer of data between the office and the web. More often than not Excel offers a level of automation not offered by other software. If you know excel this is what you expect. But what few know that excel can shortcut both the front end and back ends of every CMS on the market. These (Content Management Systems) include WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc.

This actually enables us to build Excel based Web CMS’s. These are 100% bespoke to the client’s requirements. Using Excel off-line opens up the option to dynamically generate a static web site. This is used to minimise the dynamic content. Dramatically improving page loading times. This enables pages to display in less than a second and leads to a whole new experience for those browsing the site. If a page hardly ever changes why calculate it every time for every visitor? The added bonus being that for SEO purposes every page becomes a landing page

Excel Web functions can also be used to connect directly to other servers. This is covered by our section on API Connections.

VBA offers direct automation control over Internet Content.

With Excel we can utilise this to build a diverse range of Excel Web applications. These offer a variety of related services. Initially starting by striping data from web pages, this can progress to complex applications. From web crawlers and rank trackers to building databases on a daily or weekly basis. Particularly with SEO custom automations can be built when currently none are available.

A service that we provide is writing macros and small applications that strip data from the web. This is done 100% bespoke to your requirements.

Excel Web Related Projects in Development

To be made available as downloads.

  • Google Analytics & Search Engine Console APIs Front End – For fully automated analytics monitoring and reporting.
  • PHP Admin Front End – This enables Excel to manage your online databases directly.  This replaces manual operation.
  • Website Checker – page load times, link listing and checking. Also check for malware files and code insertion
  • Tag Manager – Lists all the occurrences of any tag on a single web page or the whole site with numerous different uses.
  • Rankchecker – Check where your keywords rank on Google, Bing and Yahoo. No need to export the data into Excel as it is already there!
  • FTP Front End – Excel can automatically upload or download files as required without any manual FTP operation.
  • Excel based CMS – The ultimate goal for the generation and management of websites.

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