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Transforming Excel Spreadsheets Into Web Applications

Convert Workbooks to Web Applications

Easily Build your Excel Web Tools

without expensive and time-consuming coding

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Developing web applications from scratch can often be a tedious and costly process. One of the most challenging parts of creating a data capture or a web utility tool is to code the entire calculation logic in a programming language like Java, PHP or .NET.

Excel has superior flexibility when it comes to designing a user interface and creating a business logic. Acting as a data entry form, database, and a glorified calculator, Excel is a time-tested platform that can perform many tasks all by itself, and has proven extremely useful in most business cases.

Enable a swift and easy transfer of data between the office and the web.

Combining Excel’s superior flexibility and its ease of use, SpreadsheetWEB offers an all-in-one solution to some typical limitations of a desktop application. By ‘converting’ your Excel workbooks into full-scale web applications with user management and database support, you can create complicated web tools without expensive and time-consuming coding.”

Save Time and Money! we will cut your coding costs! 


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