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Excel Systems Toolkit

What is Exist ™ our Excel Systems Toolkit?

Its not a system that you have to BUY as such..

We love Excel, and we want you to love it too. It does so much, but sometimes you want to it to do something that you can’t make it do.   Read More show

So we have a wide selection of partial or full solutions to a particular programming problem.

– that we have used and tested‘in the field’ and we can use these solutions in our work with you.

The benefits to such an approach are many:

  • It saves you money – solutions will take less time to create.
  • The systems we build are more reliable because they have passed real world testing, in the field.
  • It speeds things up – development takes less time, and that means less expense, and a faster result.

The Exist ™ Login System

Our login system deals with one of the most prevalent problems with Excel, its openness.  In reality being open is a good and bad thing, on the good – its part of the reason why Excel is so popular.  Read More show

The Exist ™ Expert Excel Dashboard

Excel Dashboards give you:

  • High-level and concise  overviews of your business, or businesses KPI’s.
  •  ‘At-a-glance’ visuals to provide insight & analysis.
  • Display conclusions.
  • Give you the ability to understand data quickly and with little effort.
  •  Allow you to ask and answer questions in real-time.
  •  Help turn insight into innovation and action .

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[break]Exist ™ can change the way Excel looks, creating a simple interface. Making Excel simply do what it needs to do.

Big data – the Exist ™ Way

Excel may allow over a million rows of data nowadays, but sometimes even that isn’t enough.  Or maybe your data changes repeatedly, drawing data updates from a repository or service.  This is when Exist  starts to show its power. Read More show

Keeping your data safe

It is often safer and simpler, in the long-run to keep data stored outside of Excel. We can use a wide range of standard file formats, only loading it into Excel when needed. Exist ™ will integrate with whatever storage retrieval system you are currently using.

Such an approach allows you to have a single workbook. That can access numerous different data sets and report on them. Now THATS versatile…

Exist ™ solutions, can interact with almost any data source. Databases, file formats, file systems or web services.

Interacting with other software

We have expertise of integrating Excel with:

  • SPSS
  • SQL
  • Paypal
  • ebay

and others.

Rapid application development of solutions using established platforms.

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The development cycle

  • If possible we start, with a face-to-face meeting with you.  To establish priorities and budget.
  •  Usually we aim to have a basic Exist ™ solution in place for around £2k.
  • Although bigger budgets (£5k – £50k+) mean we can do more but we can get started at any level.
  • Your Exist ™ solution will be delivered as a spreadsheet and one or more ‘special’ Excel ribbons.  We write simple software, that the client installs.


Could your business benefit from a Excel Systems Toolkit?

Could your business benefit from Exist ™?

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