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While this section lists the most popular Excel services often required by Excel users in general there is a lot more that we can offer.

We have said before and will say it again “that Excel is the most underutilised software on the planet”. The main reason for saying this is because its potential is nearly never fully realised. However there is another reason and that is because Excel can do so much.  This means that none of us who work with Excel ever works with all of Excel on a day-to-day basis.

There are currently 5 of us here at ExcelFrome and we each have direct working knowledge in depth experience of different parts of Excel that none of the others do. This is why we work as a team and why we can be of use offering our Excel services to other users. We will probably have the missing expertise that you might need.

The Full Scope of our Excel Services

We offer the basic services listed down below as they might be needed as part of a bigger project. For example in is not uncommon to help other excel users with Excel’s connectivity by coding an API connection for them or providing bespoke formulas for solving issues in Excel workbooks or Excel worksheets.

However the range of Excel and the Excel services that we can offer are so great that it is impractical to write about them all here. These Excel services can range from building custom Excel add ins (xlam) or even custom dynamic link library files (dll).  Being asked to work with Excel’s wider connectivity using ODBC drivers, SQL and MySql is not uncommon. Also going beyond Excel working with extended VBA ,VSTO and .NET.

If there is any help that you need with our Excel Services please call or contact us to discuss