Excel Science

Excel makes working easier,  By working with Excel,  We make Excel work for you

Excel Science – The perfect match, a Science Consultancy Specialising in Excel

Excel Science Consultancy Experts

Excel Science

When Excel is often missed as a platform for science, it is mistakenly assumed to lack the necessary power, but this is no longer true.  We have proven its use within the science field many times.  This is why we use Excel for our modelling and analysis platforms.

We use VBA and .net languages such as VB.net or C#, to write the most powerful querying and analysis engines. By automating processes we save our customers large amounts of time.  With many years of working in the science sector we really look forward to our next challenge.

What we do

At Excel Frome we have built systems using Excel, that are not attached to any particular dataset. They can then be readily switched between projects – automatically importing and exporting huge data sets from differing sources for reporting or processing.

With a strong data analysis layer at the rear, and a beautiful dashboard on the front, we will craft you a solution that is a pleasure to use.