Excel Modelling and Simulation

I think simulation/modelling is one of the most exciting operations that you can do in Excel. I’ve written models the long way and the shorter way, and Excel can be a real time saver.

A few short definitions of Excel Modelling and Simulation: show

There is no better way of ‘getting under the skin’ on a problem than to simulate and model it.  Excel is an excellent platform for both, and we at Excel Frome recommend it for your next project.

We can harness Excels mathematical abilities with minimal effort, thus saving development time.  Then use VBA and libraries such as Exist or NAG to expand on its abilities when necessary.

At Excel Frome we have specialised expertise, in modelling physical, biological and business systems.

One system we have built several times is the Monte Carlo simulation, which is very well suited to Excel ..

What is Monte Carlo Simulation?

A Monte Carlo simulation, is a  mathematical technique, conducted on a computer. Which allows us to account for risk in our decision making. In an unpredictable world, such a system can be very useful. Read More about Monte Carlo show

What is Excel Modelling and Simulation?

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Excel Modelling and Simulation