Excel Macros – Saving you money by saving you time.


Five ways that investing in Excel macros can save you money

Excel Macros –  a set of instructions to perform a particular task that can be performed with limited or no user interaction. Time is money, and using Excel macros is simply better business.

1. Microsoft Excel is one of the most universally used software applications of all time

In both SMEs and corporations. An Investment in enhancing your use of Excel you will give you an advantage amongst the rest.  Improving your efficiency in Excel can save you time and money! 

2. Automation – Let your PC do the hard work

Do you find yourself thinking, “This process takes me SUCH a long time to do… can I do it faster ?”  
Yet you spend countless hours going through manual processes to get the job done.  Investing in Excel can streamline your process and save you time, save you money.

3. Put Excel on Steroids

Automate your data analysis – using Excel features such as Pivot tables, Data Models, Formulas and Functions. Then use Macros to push your productivity to the next level.
You can make amazing interactive dashboard reports. To crunch data like you didn’t think was possible..  It makes a very good database as well.

4. Don’t buy a new system

Thinking of investing in a business tool, to streamline your processes. To increase productivity or optimise that bottom line?
There’s a good chance that, with a little help, Excel can do most of the functionality already. And Excel isn’t going to disappear in the next five years, like some platforms. Training will be minimal as most of your staff already use it.  

5. Standardisation equals Efficiency.

Be smart – Excel connects  and interfaces seamlessly, with the whole Microsoft Office suite. It ALSO connects with many many other platforms.

The kinds of questions our customers ask us..

If I could make Excel do that… but how ? I need an Expert. YES
This process takes me such a long time… can I do it any faster? YES
Can I automate this process? YES
Can Excel do more for me? YES

If you repeatedly carry out the same series of steps, when working in Microsoft Office. Then it is likely that those steps could be set up as a macro.

Macros save you time, reduce errors and reduce wear and tear on your mouse finger!

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