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Excel For Business

We believe in Excel for Business – Because its Lego for Data

At ExcelFrome we expand and configure Excel.

Our clients often start with “Can you make it do this…?”

The answer is usually “yes”

Five reasons why Excel is good for your business.

1. Microsoft Excel is so popular BECAUSE its so powerful in the business context

Excel is so powerful, most of us don’t use it to its potential.

Potential that could be WORKING FOR YOU. Improve your efficiency in Excel and save you time and money!

2. Save your mouse finger and your time.

  • We process data, create reports and dashboards.
  • Create models and run simulations.
  • Create workbooks from scratch or alter existing ones.
  • We Inter-connect different software systems with Excel, passing data and functionality between different platforms.
  • We automate processes inside Excel using VBA and VB.net.

3. Analyse Data FAST

  • Excel is one of the most under- utilised software platforms on the planet.
  • Its potential is  rarely, if ever, realised within a given context.
  • Not using Excel to its full capacity can actually costs businesses both BIG and small, money.

4. Don’t buy a new system – its likely that Excel can do it.

Thinking of investing in a business tool to streamline your processes. To increase productivity or optimise that bottom line?

With a little help, Excel can likely most of the functionality already. And it isn’t going to disappear in the next five years, like some platforms. Save on Training, most of your staff already use it.

If you need any help or have any questions about excel for business please call or contact us.

The kinds of questions our customers ask us.

Training requirements should be at a minimum as you are still using Excel. We supply full documentation on all our projects, and we are always happy to answer your queries about the solution we build for you

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