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Take control of your analytics  

“I’ve got more than enough data but where are my KPI’s ?”

Excel dashboards allow you to analyse, visualise and report your data with ease. They can be interactive, attractive and easy to interrogate. Excel dashboards are an excellent and versatile office tool.

Sometimes distilling large amounts of data, into attractive and interactive displays. Showing you the results and conclusions you need.  They can play a significant role in helping you keep on top of your business.

The Excel Dashboard

An Excel dashboard is a user interface, resembling an automobile’s dashboard. It organises and presents information in a way that is easy to read. An Excel computer dashboard is more likely to be interactive than an automobile dashboard.

Pivot Tables for Excel Dashboards

Excel Dashboards

At Excel Frome, we create compelling and attractive Excel dashboards. That will help your businesses, to make the best use of its data, and hence, to maximise productivity.

The Excel Pivot Table

A pivot table is a tool for summarising data in Excel. With it, you can sort and query data. The table can also count, give averages of data stored in workbooks, as well as many other features.  When linked to an interactive chart, it helps you visualise and handle data with ease.

Real-time reporting and visualisation

Is achieved, by using VBA and Excel in combination with Excel’s charts and pivot tables.

Excel Dashboards Charts and Graphs

[break]It’s possible to change the data. To see the graphs or charts changing as you do so, aiding ‘what if’ analysis.

Let ExcelFrome help you build the perfect dashboard and data analysis engine.


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