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Excel Accounting & Stock Control

Every business deals with money; cash is king as the saying goes….

It is vitally important for any business to monitor its cash flows. Also to keep track of, and report on, those activities that affect cash flow.

At Excel Frome, our mission is to work with these entrepreneurs. To provide simple, easy-to-use and effective accounting tools in Excel. Enabling them to manage and develop their business.

1. Analyse Data FAST

We do provide accountancy-based Excel solutions for all types and sizes of business. So should you need an existing financial spreadsheet overhauled then that’s what we’re here for. Making it more efficient and user-friendly, or for an idea that you want to implement.

Whether it’s a simple income & expenditure account. A cash flow forecast or something to track your inventory, or anything else you can think of. Then Excel Frome is the place to go.

2.  Stock control

Excel Stock Control

Stock has a value and needs to be accounted for. Also it needs to be in the right pace at the right time so Excel stock control works hand in glove with accounting

We commissioned to do a lot of work in this area. This can range from bespoke worksheets for calculating stock requirements to applications. Like those for handling both warehouse and ecommerce operation.

The problem with off-the-shelf stock control software is that it tries to be everything to all businesses. Even if it specialises in your area of business it is never 100% bespoke to your needs. For most businesses stock control is not that complex. A bespoke Excel solution can be much more cost effective. While tailored to a businesses exact needs.

Excel Accounting Case Studies

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