Data Services [break]Getting things done quickly and accurately

The combination of Excel and programming opens huge opportunities for Excel Frome to offer Data Services to our clients.

Our Excel Data Services start from us providing one-time non-repeated tasks to tasks that are to be repeated either manually or form part of a wider automation

Our most in demand Data Services are:

  • Data Migration and Verification for moving data between applications when switching or upgrading software. Successful migration involves backing up and rigorous checking.  We use Excel functions and macros that give confidence in the whole process.
  • Cross Platform Import or Export. Preparing data, creating workbooks, and using custom functions to convert data between formats. Workbooks designed with repeated use in mind, and for easy integration,with larger automated system.
  • Data Forms. User friendly front end forms, for database and data table management. Essential for effective data management.
  • Preparing Databases from Scratch. Constructing a database from scratch requires an advance understanding of the purpose of the database. This we have acquired over the years giving us an understanding of where redundancy needs to be built in to future-proof the end result.
  • File Management includes macros for file listing, copying, naming, moving and deleting. Forming the basis of an effective file management policy.

We have built up a considerable library of examples, tools and aids, for data management.

A very time consuming task can often be automated .

Other more bespoke systems can be built to order – to find out more contact us.