Building a Bespoke System with Excel

Excel is the best tool on the market for building bespoke systems or applications. Using both VBA and macros to deliver high value for a small outlay. This makes an Excel bespoke system both affordable and better.

The main purpose behind the layout of this site to show what Excel can do. Also to show how Excel can make individual solutions work together. Delivering a tailored single or multi-user bespoke system by taking a modular approach. Unlike with off-the-shelf software, there is nothing to confuse the user. There are no unnecessary modules trying to be all things to all businesses. Just what is required and no more. This limits procedural learning to only that required by the task in hand, not the software as a whole.

By taking advantage of Excel’s flexibility , modules can be added and removed at will. This enables a system that evolves as required over time that is never out of date.

Bespoke Software

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Do not Underestimate what Excel can Automate

Knowing what can be automated comes with experience. The best way to maximise on automation is to consult with an automation expert. Likewise for how a task can be automated. Where Excel comes into it’s own is that it can automate more different tasks than any other software. So it makes sense to talk to an Excel consultant.

Let the Machine take the Strain

With a well written system the computers swap information with each other instead. This eliminates the need for people at every mechanical stage of the process and the need to train them. That this eliminates human error in the process is not a bonus. It is actually proof that this kind of work should be done by computers.

A basic system provides data in the form of reports. These can be both statistical and visual for a person to make a decision and then act on it. As a system evolves this decision and more decisions like it are taken directly by the computer. Or made easier by providing more concise and accurate information.

The ultimate system just passes on the data to another component of the system at each stage of the process. This means that human resources can be used more efficiently elsewhere.

Building a Bespoke System with Excel