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ExcelFrome – Excel Consultancy

Specialist Excel consultants offering spreadsheet help and VBA programming.

2109, 2017

5 Reasons to chose Microsoft Excel over Open Office Calculator

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609, 2017

Work Order Control spreadsheet

Our client came to us with a brief to produce a Work Order Control spreadsheet. A customer would send electrical engineering work [...]

2508, 2017

World Champion of Excel? It’s a real thing and here’s how it works

A person can become a skilled user of just about anything. With that in mind, it's not surprising that there is a [...]

What We Do

How can ExcelFrome help with Excel?

Excel is a powerful and very useful tool with a wide range of applications, but it can be complex, confusing and repetitive-as well as time consuming-for people who are not fully conversant with the software.

ExcelFrome can fix Excel problems, make spreadsheets look better, manage VBA programming, and streamline Excel functions to cut down on time spent taking care of tasks that can be automated, leaving you free to get on with running your business.

  • You want a platform that can manage, analyse, chart & display your data.

  • You need help with Excel formulas.

  • You want an Excel solution.

  • You’re looking for an Excel consultant.

  • ExcelFrome. Your one-stop shop for Excel specialists in the UK.

Our Specialities

  • Excel Experts

  • Excel Consultants

  • Excel Developers

  • Excel Training

Make Excel work HARDER for you increase your productivity, save money … 


Some Of Our Clients

What Our Clients Say about our Excel Consultants

Your solution has saved us hundreds of hours.

It just works, well done.

Great work, a real-time saver.

In our firm, your name is ‘God’.

I did the June stock takes this morning sing this – it was fantastic, thank you so much, it usually take me four to six hours, it took less than five minutes!

… Would it be possible to put the word lost in?

“We were concerned that our requirements for a spreadsheet would get lost in translation given the specialist nature of our requirement, however Ben has been fantastic, managing to interpret our non technical jargon into a working solution which we are delighted with. Thank you Ben, I hope we get to work on another project with you in the future”

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