Our Aim: To make your working life easier, by bringing OUR Specialities and YOUR Interests TOGETHER.  By making Excel work harder for you, we increase your productivity, saving you money … GUARANTEED.

If you’re looking for a platform that can manage, analyse, chart & display your data. Look no further than Microsoft Excel to help you in your business.
If you’re looking for a team of Excel guru’s or an individual developer. Look no further than Excel Frome.
Microsoft Excel is huge and powerful. It’s ability to connect to, and manage data is almost unparalleled.
As a group of Excel consultants we bring a fresh view and many many years of collective know how to Excel and to your business.
What ever the area, Business, Science, Web and E-Commerce, Dashboards or tuition. We have it covered.


  • Save time and money, by automating repetitive tasks, spend your time doing something more worth while instead.
  • Make displaying and reporting of your data easier,more relevant, and timely.
  • Use software that’s designed for the way you work – Use bespoke Excel software, instead of inflexible Off the shelf solutions.
  • Extract better and more useful information from your data with less effort.
  • Reduce human based data entry and process errors.
  • Turn your BIG idea into reality.
  • Any job in Excel, however big or small, or even just a quick question about using Excel – call us.



“We use Excel all the time … But “

Myth Buster Excel Consultant

Myth Busters When we talk to our customers, there are several concerns that we hear. Here are the concerns, and here are our answers. Read More show



Free Consultations, Free Quotes

We are happy to give free quotations, covering all aspects of your proposal. The quote will include initial planning, deployment, training and ongoing support. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this process in more depth.

Excel Frome – Everything you need to deliver a great Excel solution, and at a good price.

Some of our clients

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And what they have said about us

"Your solution has saved us hundreds of hours."
"Your solution has saved us hundreds of hours."

"It just works, well done."
"It just works, well done."

"In our firm, your name is ‘God.’"
"In our firm, your name is ‘God.’"

"Great work, a real-time saver."
"Great work, a real-time saver."

Excel Expert – Excel Consultant – Excel Developer