GIS and Mapping data with Excel

If your data contains geographical information such as postcodes, GPS, Drive Times, Shop locations .. you need to view it on a map. 

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At Excel Frome we have years of experience, working  with all types of  data that need maps.

Often we use a GIS, which stands for Geographical Information System. A piece of software that is capable of understanding data and displaying it on a map.

Uses of GIS and Excel

This analysis can include:

  • Analysing Postcodes, or demographics using Mosaic and Acorn.
  • Image Rectification.
  • Coordinate system transformation and conversion between  OSGB, WGS84, and other reference frames.
  • Gravity mapping and uptake prediction.
  • Flood plane mapping.

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Current estimates suggest that up to 80% of data stored on computers has a spatial component.  Which means, that we can analyse it in a map of some kind.

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Using Excel and GIS Systems

Excel’s ability to handle and process data, can be a good complement to a GIS system.  It can help feed data into and out of the mapping system, do high-level processing and analysis.

At Excel Frome, we have over 20  years of combined experience. Of extracting, and using, geographical data and GIS systems.

GIS a definition

A geographic information system or geographical information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. Read more: show

GIS and Mapping data with Excel
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GIS and Mapping data with Excel
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Maps are one of the best visual representations for data available. Processing data spatially can multiply its value leading to much greater understanding of its true value.