Custom Excel Workbook and Worksheets

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Many of our customers want a custom Excel workbook or worksheet. This is because it can take the labour out of either a complex or repetitive processes, or as part of a larger system.

The Ribbon

Looking at the ribbon above the worksheet, we see options available for customising worksheets. Which to the beginner can seem overwhelming. and begs the question “why is there not a simpler display available to the user.”

There is, we can  create custom ribbons for our clients quickly and easily. Ribbons that can look and behave exactly as you want them to. This has 3 major benefits

  • Each user can have different ribbons according to how they use the workbook.
  • Users only see the functionality that they want, when they want it.
  • Custom ribbons make using Excel easier.

Charts and Visualisation

Visualisation is another important part of any custom workbook. We have dealt with this under Dashboards, Charts & Graphs.

Excel Workbook Functions

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Excel Data Validation

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Custom Excel Workbook and Worksheets