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Excel makes working easier,  By working with Excel,  We make Excel work for you

We harnessed Excels power.  So we can deliver the best and most cost-efficient solutions to you, our clients.

“I’m pretty good with Excel … But I don’t have the time to …”
Do you get this feeling sometimes?


An Excel Consultant knows that the Excel spreadsheet is one of the most used platforms across the world. It’s also a most powerful tool when used for commercial, scientific or academic purposes.

When working with us, you will have the benefits of working with a team of experts. But for this benefit, we charge only freelancer rates.

This website will help you understand Excels capabilities. It puts you in touch with Excel Experts who can turn Excel’s potential into your reality.


  • We extend the features of Excel by Using Excels functionality and connectivity. By supporting it with VBA and other .NET languages.
  • Working with our clients in preparing a proper brief.
  • Matching real-world context with a bespoke software solution.
  • Bending Excel to fit your requirements not the other way around.


At Excel Frome we believe that:  

    • To be good at what you do, you must love what you do.
    • You want a UK Excel consultant for your Excel project
    • You need an Excel consultant whose area expertise matches your area of need.
    • Excel is an untapped goldmine for many businesses. It’s a potential powerhouse sitting on your desktop
    • You want an Excel consultant to help you create a clear brief, finished to a precise deadline. The whole project will be transparent and crystal clear from beginning to end.



“If only I could make Excel do this … Can it ?”

We deliver agile solutions that make your working life easier

Our Services Excel Expert

We are happy to answer your questions no matter how big or small the question or the project in mind. At all points of contact, you will be dealing with an Excel Consultant.

“We use Excel all the time … But “

Myth Buster Excel Consultant

Myth Busters When we talk to our customers, there are several concerns that we hear. Here are the concerns, and here are our answers. Read More show

The best Excel solution requires the best possible brief.  We are here, and this site exists, to make this happen.


Free Consultations, Free Quotes

We are happy to give free quotations, covering all aspects of your proposal. The quote will include initial planning, deployment, training and ongoing support. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss this process in more depth. Read more show

We already have solutions for many of the problems that our clients meet. They are part of an Excel Toolkit that creates great solutions fast.

Excel frome exist

 Exist ™ – The Excel Information Systems Toolkit.
Don’t reinvent the wheel.

It’s FREE to all our customers.Read More show

Excel Frome – Everything you need to deliver a great Excel solution, and at a good price.

Some of our clients:

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And what they have said about us:

“In our firm, your name is ‘God.’ “

” Great work, a real-time saver.”

“Your solution has saved us hundreds of hours.”
“It just works, well done.”

Excel Expert – Excel Consultant – Excel Developer